Welcome to Kwanzaa Kit

A simple, joyful and accessible way to celebrate Kwanzaa.

Woven Mat, Kinara + Candles

Each Kwanzaa Kit includes a woven mat (mkeka), handmade candle holder (kinara) and a set of hand dipped, dripless, smokeless Kwanzaa candles (mishumaa saba).

Our woven mats are an ethically sourced, fair trade, sustainable product handmade by artisans in East Africa.  

Each 10" unscented candle has a cotton, lead free wick and is made of food grade paraffin.

Nguzo Saba Cards + Garland

The cornerstone of the Kwanzaa Kit are our unique Nguzo Saba cards. The front of the card lists the principle of each day and the reverse side includes a thought provoking prompt, questions to guide your discussion and inspirational quotes from Black people who have charted the way forward and changed the world for the better.

The vibrant prints on the front of the cards showcase traditional African patterns. The cards come bundled in a set with 72" of twine and seven miniature clothes pins. This allows you to create a beautiful Kwanzaa display across a mantle, on a banister, or anywhere that you please.

What is Kwanzaa Kit?

Kwanzaa Kit eliminates the stress of preparing for Kwanzaa by providing everything you need in a simple, affordable, modern all in one kit.

As soon as your red box arrives, open it up to find beautiful and thoughtful elements for a joyous and fun Kwanzaa season!

See whats inside your Kwanzaa Kit!